Patented and Patent Pending Technology for Security and Networked Devices


The “Internet of Things” (IoT) and “Machine to Machine” (M2M) technologies will transform multiple industries over the coming decades. As the knowledge-based economy grows, primary assets include intellectual property.  Over the past 4 years, John Nix, an inventor with success developing and monetizing several previous patent portfolios, has prepared and filed a portfolio of 25 patent applications and patents.

The patent applications address several important and distinct classes of problems which require solutions for the continued expected growth of the “Internet of Things”. These patent applications are grouped into the following families, addressing different market needs:

I. Securely connecting IoT devices to WiFi networks, where manual entry of passwords and configuration is not practical for IoT devices with limited user interfaces;

II. Secure encryption key exchange for devices and networks, where a network can use a protected key server in the key exchange to enhance security; 

III. A new internal interface for a radio module to communicate with a processor in order to conserve power and/or enable new applications, such as a micro SD card directly connecting to 4G LTE networks (NB-IoT) using an antenna internal to the micro SD card (EIRP ~ 2 dBm); and,

IV. Firmware transfer to a secure element. Future ETSI 5G networks and beyond are planning to operate some of the functionality for the SIM card in a “Smart Secure Platform” (SSP). The overall functionality depends on secure distribution of firmware for the secure element/SSP.  The distribution of firmware should avoid ECC and RSA based certificates in order to remain resistant to quantum computers.